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 ODSP Administrative Support Clerk

The position also requires a Criminal Record Check at the employee’s expense (usually around $50 and can be completed online).

The starting salary is $25.27 per hour.

The position requires verbal French Language Skills at the Advanced level (which is not the highest level). There is no requirement for written French.

Job Description Information
1. Purpose of Position
To provide a range of support services to the management team, Caseworkers, clients/applicants and the public
regarding provincial social assistance programs.
2. Duties and Responsibility


Job requires:

Under the direction of a manager, working as part of a team to provide access, information and administrative support  to  clients, the public and staff involved in the delivery of social assistance :

Providing administrative/program support by:

  •   Accessing computer programs and electronic database systems to respond to inquiries; entering information changes, or to gather program-related information for caseworkers and managers (i.e. EI database and other 3rd party verification options)
  •   Gathering information to update physical and electronic files
  • Creating various documents in Windows-based applications such as standard letters/minutes in Word, tracking documents in Excel, and presentations in PowerPoint
  •   Receiving and responding to inquiries for general program information, whether in person, by telephone or through electronic methods (i.e. Fax OPS, Client Portal, OASA, etc.) and determining/taking  appropriate action – Completing various activities to support program delivery gathering basic information from clients to assist with the application process, completing SODO requests, stocking information packages for employment support
  • Intake, taking minutes/notes at meetings, maintaining staff telephone lists, maintaining tracking sheets for internal review, employment supports, intake, scheduling client meetings with caseworkers, creating master files and filing documents, etc.
  • Creating and issuing pre-approved Additional Benefits for ongoing clients in the computer program/electronic database system (i.e. MSN, Vision Care, Eye Glasses, Hearing Aid, etc.)
  • For ongoing clients, validating, assessing and determining whether invoices for Additional Benefits (i.e. MSN payments) are appropriate for payment based on Caseworker direction in notes or in person. This includes creating the payment if required.
  • Processing the issuance of pre-approved forms/letters for ongoing clients (i.e. Vision, Eyeglasses, Hearing Aid forms)
  • For clients, vendors and third parties (i.e. Trustees, Landlords, etc.), validating, assessing and determining whether printing and releasing social assistance payments are appropriate based on prescribed processes.
  • Entering earnings, income & change report data into computer programs and electronic database systems.
  • Depositing reimbursements/repayments
  • Maintaining supplies and office equipment
  • Scanning and printing information to respond to Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FIPPA) requests and other requests (i.e. MPP, Office of the Ombudsman, etc.)
  • Monitoring work queues and taking appropriate action
  • Making bank deposits, accepting/tracking cheques/money orders for repayments/reimbursements

Providing mail services by:

  • Processing all incoming and outgoing mail and courier packages- Distributing mail to appropriate staff, work units, etc.
  • Distributing client payments

Providing customer services at reception by:

  • Greeting and directing visitors/clients at local office reception following customer service standards
  • Answering incoming calls and taking messages
  • Responding to inquiries by providing routine and general information about programs
  • Redirecting inquiries to other program staff and other external contacts as appropriate
  • Accepting reimbursements/repayments from clients, completing bank deposit slips and making deposits at the bank

Providing records, cash, supply and equipment management services by:

  • Maintaining the records and cash management systems based on established creating, updating and archiving practices.
  • Monitoring supply levels, placing orders and re-stocking of supplies once received from vendors
  • Responding to equipment malfunctions, trouble-shooting, and contacting vendors for service as required co-operatively within a team by:
  • Participating in meetings, sharing information, analyzing operational processes and needs
  • Providing input into proposed changes to procedures/operations, proposing solutions and/or making suggestions for optimal use of resources to resolve backlogs and to ensure deadlines are met.

This job description reflects the key responsibilities of the job.  Managers may assign additional related duties.

The job requires knowledge of:

  • Social assistance legislation and the ability to interpret to provide customer service by directing requests and making referrals appropriately.  Knowledge of the Ontario Disability Support Program (ODSP) Act, regulations, policies, guidelines and business processes.  Knowledge of other provincial, federal and municipal programs related to social assistance such as Ontario Works (OW), Canada Pension Plan (CPP), Old Age Security/ Guaranteed Income Supplement, Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA) and Ontario Student Assistance Plan (OSAP).
  • Local community resources such as food banks, housing, and support agencies are used to provide general information and appropriate referrals.
  • Awareness of and sensitivity to various client disabilities in order to provide appropriate pro-active service -Government and ministry administrative policies, procedures, directives and guidelines to perform administrative tasks such as records and cash management, supply ordering and office equipment maintenance
  • Computer and relevant software programs  to perform administrative and clerical support functions such as preparing correspondence, reports, spreadsheets, charts, presentation slides, updating program database, sending and receiving electronic mail
  • Ministry, Division, and Branch  organizational structure, roles and responsibilities to answer inquiries or to determine where to direct callers/inquiries
  • Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy legislation and OPS Quality Service Standards to respond appropriately and efficiently to inquiries
  • The operation of office equipment such as printers, photocopiers, and facsimiles, to operate equipment efficiently and ensure adequate maintenance
  • Mail and banking protocols to manage incoming/outgoing mail and bank deposits of reimbursement/repayments

Job requires

1 Organizational and time management skills to prioritize workload to meet conflicting demands and meet deadlines. Ability to work effectively in a team and independently.

2. Oral and written communication skills to:

  • Deal effectively with clients, colleagues and the public by phone, computer and in person.
  • Convey messages and information in a clear and concise manner using correct terminology.
  • Receive and send electronic messages
  • Prepare routine letters and correspondence using prescribed formats
  • Book appointments with  Caseworkers

3. Office administration skills to maintain records management systems and supply levels, operate routine office equipment, respond to malfunctions, and perform banking functions.  The ability to work in an automated environment using online databases and various Windows-based computer applications, i.e. Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and electronic mail.  The skills to access and update client information to produce reports, forms, letters and payments.   The skill to create and manage  tracking documents in programs such as Excel i.e. tracking performance against key indicators or number of employment support referrals received, or number of intakes assigned to a particular staff or Internal Review/Social Benefits Tribunal requests, etc.

  1. Tact and Interpersonal skills and client-centred customer service skills, including effective listening and self-control techniques to elicit information from a diverse clientele and the ability to deal effectively with a high volume of clients with disabilities through various communication modes i.e. face-to-face, phone and computer.
  2. Judgement and impact of errors to:
  • Determine the sensitivity of the information being requested, provide appropriate messages and information, and apply policies/procedures when providing information

Assess the nature of inquiries and refer more complex inquiries to other staff and urgent/sensitive / contentious inquiries/issues to the manager

  • 1. Working within established, well-documented ministry and government administrative procedures
  • 2. Performing tasks with limited direct supervision with the freedom to set one’s own priorities to meet changing deadlines
  • 3. Using judgment to assess the nature of inquiries and to decide whether to manage inquiries personally or refer them to another staff member or manager
  • Work is performed under the general supervision of the ODSP Manager.



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