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Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) is hiring a Performance Tester (IT-02)

***Must be a Canadian Citizen OR Permanent Resident to apply***

Classification: IT-02
Tenure: Casual
Location: Hybrid
Language: English essential
Clearance: Reliability

Core Responsibilities:

– Performance Testing: Designing, developing, and executing performance test plans, test cases, and test scenarios to evaluate the performance characteristics of software applications or systems.
– Load Testing: Conducting load tests to assess the system’s behavior under expected user loads, ensuring that it can handle concurrent users, transactions, or data volumes without performance degradation.
– Stress Testing: Performing stress tests to determine the system’s breaking point and identify performance bottlenecks or weaknesses under extreme conditions beyond normal operational capacity.
– Scalability Testing: Evaluating the system’s ability to scale to accommodate increasing workloads by adding resources such as users, transactions, or data volumes, while maintaining acceptable performance levels.
– Endurance Testing: Verifying the system’s stability and reliability over prolonged periods of continuous operation to detect performance degradation, memory leaks, or resource exhaustion.
– Performance Monitoring: Monitoring key performance metrics during testing, such as response times, throughput, CPU utilization, memory usage, and network latency, to identify performance issues and trends.

– Experience with Selenium
– Experience with REST Application Programming Interface (API)

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